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United Kingdom FlagGetting Ready for Goodwood Festival of Speed ‘19

Getting Ready for Goodwood Festival of Speed ‘19: click to enlargeAs the summer rolls in, here at Milltek Sport that only means one thing… Goodwood’s Festival of Speed is right around the corner! We are looking forward to seeing some of the old and new attractions whilst introducing some of our very own new product developments.

Once again, Milltek Sport are going to be exhibiting at one of the country’s most popular and well-known motoring events. We are thrilled to be returning to this grand event and be able to share the exciting developments we have made here at Milltek Sport, including an exclusive sneak peak of a brand-new system on a vehicle that 300 people in the UK will be lucky enough to own later in the year.

Goodwood’s annual “Festival of Speed” originally began back in 1993, with the aim of having the historical venue come alive with motorsport once again. Now, it is one of the country’s biggest events for motor-enthusiasts, coming together and sharing the same passion for automotive performance.

The FOS is well-known for its show of diverse vehicles, displaying the pinnacle of automotive performance throughout history. Presenting a variety of vehicles that vary from racing trucks to drift cars to formula one cars.

Goodwood FOS 2018 became the perfect opportunity to unveil the addition of the now fabled Milltek-motor, the Audi B9 RS4. The car turned heads for its sleek yet simple aesthetic look, and it certainly turned ‘ears’ for its thundering sound. It may not have a V8 but had plenty to compensate. While we were also displaying V1 of our Active Sound Module alongside our Tesla Model X.

Goodwood FOS 2019 is shaping up to be one of the biggest FOS events ever! With all-new attractions that help in showcasing all areas of motorsport alongside of returning festival favourites. Returning in 2019 bigger… bolder… better… and so are we.

This year we will be introducing the Milltek fleet vehicle, Mercedes AMG A35, that has gone through three rounds of development cycles, and now has a huge array of options available for our customers, including; Valved & Non-Valved systems, Resonated & Non-Resonated systems and GPF-Back & Cat-Back with GPF Delete systems.

There will also be the already incredibly popular Version 2 of the Active Sound Control (ASC) module. This allows you to manipulate and replicate a hyper-realistic sound that imitates that of a petrol-engine, being able to adjust the variable pitch, tone and volume of the exhaust sound to match your own preferences. Version 2 includes the much-desired pop & crackle effect that most performance exhaust owners are searching for!

The Milltek Sport stand will be featuring a demonstration display, so you won’t have to take our word for it, you will be able to come and experience the new functionality Version 2 offers, and the power of ASC.

But by far, the thing we are most excited to share with you is the vehicle we will have on stand straight from factory which is shaping up to be one of the loudest and meanest systems we have ever developed. This V6 machine delivers 340 hp from its 3.0 litre turbocharged engine, and with our newly developed exhaust ready to be installed, it is definitely going to make some noise.

We will have a team available on the stand to talk you through any development or product enquires, alongside our brand ambassador, Tom Onslow-Cole who is joining us for the event for the second year.

We are excited to be sharing some more exciting developments we have made here at Milltek Sport and are thrilled to be returning to this event once again. We’re looking forward to meeting all those that are attending, seeing some of the new exhibitions, and welcoming back the unique atmosphere that cannot be found anywhere else other than the FOS.